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Qin kexuan, general manager of CTI forum, delivered a new year's greetings

amid the coming firecrackers, we will usher in the 2013 Spring Festival. On the occasion of the new year, I would like to extend new year's greetings to friends from all walks of life who have always cared about and supported the development of CTI forum! I sincerely thank you for your support

in 2012, the fundamentals of CTI forum still did not have strong support, but the transaction was getting better and developed steadily. The 2012 China call center and enterprise communication conference was a complete success. The selection of the best call center in China to avoid bigger problems has achieved good social benefits in the society. This year, we ushered in a new revision of the CTI forum. These achievements can not be achieved without the advice, help and support of all friends

of course, there are still many difficulties on the way forward, and our work also has many shortcomings. We will continue to grow with you with the service concept of integrity, professionalism, service and innovation

when the sunshine of the new year begins to shine on the earth, we will start a new journey. We should complete our dreams with firm confidence, strong perseverance and indomitable spirit

finally, I sincerely wish you all good health, family happiness and all the best in the new year

Qin kexuan

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general manager of CTI forum

executive vice president and Secretary General of call center and Customer Relationship Management Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce

this includes processing, distribution and other capabilities

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