Qilu Petrochemical successfully developed new PVC

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Qilu Petrochemical successfully developed a new type of PVC resin

Qilu brand PVC has recently added a new member: qs650 new type of PVC resin developed by Qilu Petrochemical chlor alkali plant to enhance market competitiveness has been tested, optimized and adjusted by the manufacturer. At present, it has a large amount of production capacity. Where HA is shore a hardness

affected by the financial crisis and overcapacity, the domestic PVC market competition is very fierce. Under the pressure of calcium carbide process manufacturers, conventional mainland goods have no profit space, and Qilu PVC is facing huge benefit pressure. In order to take the initiative in the market, technical forces were organized to develop qs-650 new PVC resin at the beginning of the year. After half a year's pilot test and formula adjustment, 2000 tons of qualified products were eradicated at one time in July, and the rate of high-grade products reached 88%. In August, 5000 tons of production were put into the market at the same time, and users reported that the software is also the same. At present, it has mass production capacity. Qs-650 new PVC resin calcium carbide process is difficult to produce. It has the characteristics of fast plasticization, good processing fluidity, smooth product surface, relatively high sales price, good economic benefits and market demand prospects, and is expected to become a new interest growth point

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