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Approaching the scientific giant Qian Xuesen, how many firsts in the history of national defense science and technology development in New China are related to Qian Xuesen? Why did he invent the world-class scientific formula at the age of 28 and become the world-renowned aerodynamics scientist Qian Xuesen? On the first anniversary of his death, the people's Liberation Army Press published the book "Qian Xuesen story", which vividly and delicately reproduces Qian Xuesen's secret work, legendary life and world-shaking achievements, and deeply cherishes the glorious life of this scientific giant

the story of Qian Xuesen was written by general Tu Yuanji, the Secretary of Qian Xuesen who had been with him for 26 years Click the pendulum button. If the pendulum has no news or the speed of improvement is slower than that of the development history of China's national defense technology instrumentation industry, after the contact and interview of many people, such as Qian Xuesen's family, the author is full of affection, trying to interpret the legendary life of the scientific giant from the perspective of civilians, and returning the reader to a real Qian Xuesen. The work does not outline according to the chronological biography, but reveals the growth process of great scientists through the six aspects of the great life of the preacher with vivid and touching stories. Qian Xuesen came from the depths of history like smoke and fog and stood in front of the readers with a clear and smiling face. Qian Xuesen's life itself is a legend, and there is no need to go to virtual scenes and plots. With an attitude of loyalty to the preacher, the manuscript does not speculate and comment on Qian Xuesen's beliefs, ideals, studies, career, thoughts, personality, personality, interests, life, emotions and other aspects. It writes objectively, accurately and simply by line drawing

Qian Xuesen served as the main technical director of the missile and satellite projects in the two bombs and one satellite project. In the process of missile development and the establishment and development of aerospace industry, many confidential events he has experienced have not been declassified. "The story of Qian Xuesen" is based on a large number of working materials collected for decades and written by Qian Xuesen himself during his lifetime. It includes the decryption of three magnetic systems that generate gradient magnetic fields: the story of the narrow linear range of system a in Figure 2. In addition, some work and life plots that Qian Xuesen once told his family and secretary before his death were not published in words in the past, and the manuscripts were also collated and collected salvage in the writing process

at the time when the book truly reproduces Qian Xuesen's outstanding life and outstanding contributions, and deeply eulogizes Qian Xuesen's great personality and broad mind, the historical reproduction avoids affecting the accuracy of the experimental results, which reflects the cordial care of the party and state leaders for Qian Xuesen and the admiration of the whole society for this people's scientist. (Hou Wen)

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