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The 12th Five Year Plan of Guangdong paper industry has been issued. Papermaking follows the environmental protection route. The guiding opinions on the development of Guangdong paper industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period (hereinafter referred to as the opinions on how much force error and repeatability are respectively) has been issued recently. Dongguan has been listed as one of the three major bases of the province's paper industry

the output growth rate of Guangdong is slightly higher than the GDP growth rate

the opinions points out that the paper industry is one of the nine pillar industries of Guangdong industry. The production volume of Guangdong paper industry ranks third in the country, and the demand ranks first in the country. Polycarbonate is simply plastic. 2. The inconveniences of traditional zigzag experiment: (1) the zigzag experiment position of the oil cylinder mounted universal experimental machine is high. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the output of paper and paperboard in Guangdong Province has remained in the top three in the country. Over the years, there has been a good linear relationship between the output growth of paper and paperboard in Guangdong Province and the GDP growth rate, and the output growth rate is slightly higher than the GDP growth rate

although the paper industry in Guangdong Province has made great progress, it is also facing a severe test: raw materials are extremely scarce, and a large number of rely on foreign imports or purchases from other provinces. In the early stage, paper and paperboard also need to be imported from abroad or purchased from other provinces; Unreasonable paper structure, less high value-added paper products, etc

Dongguan base is mainly made of high-grade and environment-friendly packaging paper

in terms of regional layout, the opinions put forward that the province's paper industry will focus on the construction of three bases in Dongguan, Zhanjiang and Jiangmen. Among them, Dongguan packaging paper industry base mainly focuses on high-grade and environmental protection packaging paper, with a production capacity of 15million tons, and appropriately produces cultural printing paper and special paper according to the needs of the printing industry

Zhanjiang Forest Pulp and paper industry base mainly focuses on pulping, appropriately develop high-grade paper products and special paper, and become the largest pulping and papermaking base in our province, with a production capacity of up to 2million tons

Jiangmen Yinzhou Lake paper industry base is mainly composed of high-end cultural paper, toilet paper, special paper and other paper with high added value, and the final production capacity will reach 10million tons, with 2million tons of supporting pulping

industry voice

Nine Dragons Paper: play the role of industry associations to promote the development of Dongguan paper industry

as one of the eight pillar industries in Dongguan, the paper industry in Dongguan plays an important role in the province. A relevant person in charge of Nine Dragons Paper Industry in our city said that in order to maintain strong competitiveness in the whole province and even the whole country, Dongguan paper enterprises should give full play to the role of industry associations, give full play to intermediary organizations such as industry associations and chambers of Commerce, give full play to their advantages of understanding the industry and having close relations with the industry, and guide industry associations to participate in organizing industry planning, standards and specifications, technology promotion, market development and other work, Promote the development of Dongguan paper industry

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