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PM2.5 issued in the 12th Five Year Plan for environmental monitoring is expected to leverage 10 billion investment

in the afternoon of February 3, Wan bentai, chief engineer of the Ministry of environmental protection, arrived at a laboratory of China environmental monitoring station to inspect. The laboratory area is small, and there are nine automatic monitoring devices in two rows. Each device is connected to the sampling instrument on the roof through a slender pipe through the ceiling: Although the models and shapes are different, the objects monitored by these nine devices are the same

since the completion of installation and calibration in late January, these devices have always affected the hearts of wanbentai, only because it is the new air quality index PM2.5 that has been widely concerned in the whole society since last December

pm2.5 refers to fine particles with a diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the atmosphere, also known as lung accessible particles. At the end of December last year, the new ambient air quality standard approved at the executive meeting of the Ministry of environmental protection added the average concentration limit of PM2.5 for the first time. From this year, Beijing Tianjin Hebei will mainly be used to test the compressive strength of building material test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks and refractories, and PM2.5 monitoring will be carried out in key regions such as the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, as well as municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities. So far, an important indicator that has been neglected for a long time in the past has finally been included in the scope of air quality monitoring

but for a country that has never monitored PM2.5 on a large scale before, how to make the monitoring data accurate and reliable is undoubtedly a top priority. To this end, China environmental monitoring station has mobilized 9 kinds of PM2.5 automatic monitoring instruments from 6 companies, including thermofisher scientific, MetOne, Xianhe environmental protection and Tianhong, to start a single machine comparison test with different manufacturers and principles. This trip is to understand the progress of the comparison test and put forward suggestions for future work

as for the "secret war" that took place in the laboratory, all companies are also aware that the result of the "secret war" is likely to be related to the ownership of the procurement bidding of the first batch of PM2.5 automatic monitoring instruments in China in the future, and it also involves the allocation of a 10 billion investment cake

as a heavyweight document guiding the development of the industry, a "12th Five Year Plan for environmental monitoring" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been quietly issued a few days ago

according to people familiar with the matter, Hebei Province has required to complete the procurement of PM2.5 automatic detection equipment at 11 state-controlled points in cities above the prefecture level in the province by the end of March, of which the first batch of procurement at provincial sites alone reached more than 10 million yuan. It is expected that other provinces will also start purchasing in succession from March - this time point is much earlier than the previous industry expectations

obviously, another larger environmental protection "secret war" is also poised under the catalysis of PM2.5...

the popular "PM2.5"

for many years, few professional terms have achieved such high popularity and exposure in such a short time, not to mention that it is also fully promoted by governments at all levels - PM2.5 played such a role last December

in December last year, Vice Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at the seventh national environmental protection conference that we should speed up the revision and issuance of strict ambient air quality standards, increase PM2.5 and other monitoring indicators, and improve air quality evaluation methods

since then, the Ministry of environmental protection has officially included PM2.5, ozone and carbon monoxide in the evaluation factors of the ambient air quality standard, and various regions have also put forward implementation plans. For example, Shanghai plans to publish the monitoring data of PM2.5 in June; Beijing announced that there will be no less than 27 PM2.5 monitoring stations, and new projects will be added in the future; Jiangsu will carry out PM2.5 monitoring in 13 prefecture level cities this year, and will build 68 monitoring points. It plans to invest 230million yuan to buy monitoring equipment

in Guangdong, jiashunde District, nine cities in the Pearl River Delta, will have the monitoring capacity of six air pollutants, including PM2.5 and ozone, this year; Shandong will comprehensively carry out PM2.5 monitoring pilot from this year

according to statistics, more than 20 cities have announced the PM2.5 monitoring plan

at the same time, a series of heavyweight documents related to environmental monitoring are also on the horizon

Zhujianping, deputy director of the environmental monitoring department of the Ministry of environmental protection, said recently that the "environmental monitoring regulations" have been included in the first-class legislative plan of the State Council. At the same time, the Ministry of environmental protection will spend about three years to carry out a major inspection of the quality of environmental monitoring. China environmental monitoring station will gradually realize the "direct transmission" of all monitoring data controlled by the state to ensure the objectivity and authenticity of the monitoring data

learned from another person close to the Ministry of environmental protection that the "12th Five Year Plan" for environmental monitoring has been issued recently. The plan shows that one of the overall objectives of China's environmental monitoring during the 12th Five Year Plan period is to basically achieve "cities and counties can monitor, provinces and cities can respond to emergencies, and the state can give early warning", and the overall ability of environmental monitoring has been greatly enhanced

according to the plan, in the future, monitoring indicators of ozone, fine particulate matter and carbon monoxide will be gradually increased at some points in cities above the prefecture level, and monitoring indicators of ozone, fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxides will be increased in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Among them, fine particles contain PM2.5

the plan also stipulates that the scope of national air monitoring will be expanded from the current 113 key environmental protection cities to cities above the prefecture level nationwide (including county-level cities where some prefectures and leagues are located). The monitoring method adopts a combination of automatic and manual methods, mainly automatic monitoring

"after PM2.5 and other indicators are included in the scope of air quality monitoring, the workload of environmental monitoring will certainly increase, and the procurement of relevant equipment will also increase. If it is a continuous automatic sampling equipment, the cost and price will be higher." Wei Fusheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former chief engineer of the China environmental monitoring station, said in an interview with this newspaper that such equipment had previously been used only in scientific research institutes and during the Olympic Games and WorldExpo, and the government will definitely increase investment in the future

ten billion investment is ready to go

there are different opinions on the specific investment

"According to the requirements of the 'new standard' for air quality testing, the air quality indicators have been expanded from the past three to six, and the existing air stations will be equipped with PM2.5, ozone and carbon monoxide in batches. According to this, the overall new monitoring parameters will be no less than 3, and each station will need a new investment of about 500000. Based on 3000 stations, the market size will be no less than 1.5 billion yuan, plus the relevant needs of new stations in various regions, meteorological bureaus, scientific research institutes and so on.", It is expected that the new market will not be less than 2billion yuan. " Li Yuguo, chairman of Xianhe environmental protection, said in an interview with this newspaper

Li Yuguo said that the company is currently learning about the plan information of various regions, and it is estimated that most cities will start PM2.5 monitoring projects in 2012

Tian Kunlun, deputy general manager of spotlight technology, another leading domestic environmental monitoring enterprise, told this newspaper that air monitoring was also available in China before, but mainly measured PM10, especially in eastern coastal cities

"in fact, PM2.5 is only one of the many indicators we monitor. The growth space of the future environmental monitoring market is closely related to the urbanization process, but it is still beneficial to the overall business development of the company." He said

in this regard, Wei Fusheng said that if the national air monitoring scope is expanded to cities above the prefecture level nationwide, the scale will be quite large, "because a city has more than one monitoring point, generally small and medium-sized cities also need at least one point, and large cities such as Beijing need to expand from several points at present to at least a dozen points, and it is expected that in the future, each city will have an average of one point."

assuming that 388 cities above prefecture level in China have 5 points in each city, it will cost 388million yuan if the investment of 200000 yuan per point is calculated; If the investment is 500000 yuan per point, 970million yuan is needed

and this is only the investment cost of PM2.5 automatic monitoring instrument

"if other supporting instruments and meters as well as various relevant central and local inputs are included, the total input for air monitoring in the 12th Five Year Plan will be at the level of 10 billion yuan." A senior person close to the Ministry of environmental protection told me

Wei Fusheng predicted that the national investment in air monitoring will be implemented step by step, and the Ministry of environmental protection should have a set of methods. "At present, there are two kinds of statements: one is that the central government will invest more in economically backward areas; the other is that 'the state will pay for what the state wants to do, and the local government will pay for what the local government wants to do', but neither of the two statements is conclusive."

according to the plan, the third item of environmental monitoring measures in the 12th Five Year Plan is to "increase investment and ensure funds". Specifically, we should make it clear that environmental monitoring is an integral part of the basic public services of the government, and increase the financial support of public finance; Strengthen the investment in the capacity-building of environmental monitoring and improve the public service level of environmental monitoring; Fully incorporate the funds for environmental monitoring into the budgets of governments at all levels to ensure the smooth implementation of environmental monitoring; Establish special fund channels to ensure the operation funds of environmental monitoring network and ensure the effectiveness; Carry out performance evaluation of environmental monitoring capacity-building to improve the efficiency of fund use

"the plan has previously been distributed to local government departments, environmental protection bureaus and monitoring stations, because government departments need to know how to invest, and monitoring stations must know when to start monitoring, when to start purchasing, how to technical specifications, how to plan, and how to train personnel." Said the person close to the Ministry of environmental protection

the feast of environmental monitoring equipment opens

with the implementation of local air quality monitoring requirements one by one, the procurement of relevant equipment will also be put on the agenda. For major environmental monitoring equipment enterprises at home and abroad, this is tantamount to a "feast" with hundreds of millions or even billions of capacity

"it can be seen from the current situation that on the one hand, PM2.5 will enter large-scale procurement in 2012; on the other hand, local plans are the most common safety equipment, including limit equipment and emergency stop equipment (this is consistent with the electronic universal testing machine) On the basis of PM2.5, improve the overall monitoring ability of air quality, so the purchase of equipment is not limited to PM2.5, but also involves the construction of the whole air capacity, which means that 2. Changing the working conditions of the experimental machine: the scale of investment will be expanded. " Li Yuguo predicts that the overall procurement scale in 2012 will be no less than 500million in Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong and other regions alone

the head of another domestic environmental monitoring equipment enterprise told this newspaper, "it is said that the central government will invest 800 million in the monitoring of PM2.5, ozone and other three indicators this year."

"at present, Hebei Province has required to complete the procurement of PM2.5 automatic detection equipment at 11 state-controlled points in cities above the prefecture level in the province by the end of March, among which the first batch of procurement at provincial stations alone reached more than 10 million yuan." Hebei local industry insiders said

in addition, there is also a saying in the market: the central government may arrange hundreds of millions of special financial funds for air monitoring to promote the popularization of PM2.5 monitoring

"but most of the first purchases may be imported equipment." The person in charge of the above-mentioned enterprises said that the first thing the government should do at present is to produce data, and then localization

previously, a market share data of major enterprises of air monitoring system provided in the prospectus of pioneer environmental protection showed that the market share of pioneer environmental protection accounted for 33.20%, Thermo Fisher USA accounted for 28.00%, and Hangzhou Dadi

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