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Firm green line internal combustion engine industry "12th Five Year Plan" see clues

Where will China's internal combustion engine industry go in the 12th Five Year Plan

the research and efficient utilization of reducing fuel consumption and burning alternative fuels on internal combustion engines will become the theme and core of the 12th Five Year Plan and even longer. On July 16, the China internal combustion engine Association held a technical exchange Seminar on promoting the implementation of national emission regulations in the internal combustion engine industry in Liaoyang. Wei Anli, Deputy Secretary General of the association, introduced the ideas of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of China's internal combustion engine industry in his final concluding speech

the frequency and phase of this force must be basically close to the resonance frequency and phase of the fatigue testing machine system. He said that as an internal combustion engine product powered by all kinds of walking machinery and fixed machinery, its high efficiency and low energy consumption technical indicators are the top priority during the 12th Five Year Development period, and will run through every scientific research topic and technological transformation project

at the same time, it was learned at the scene that the highly anticipated first draft of the 12th Five year development plan for China's internal combustion engine industry is expected to be launched at the end of July this year

the current situation is worrying

China was an oil exporter before 1993. In just 16 years since 1993, the proportion of crude oil imports has climbed from 6% to 51.3% in 2009, and its external dependence has exceeded the warning line of 50% of energy security

according to the report of the energy blue book published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in July 2009, it is estimated that China's dependence on imported oil will reach 64.5% in 10 years

on November 1st, 2004, the International Energy Agency launched the Research Report of world energy outlook 2004 in Beijing. The China energy part of the report was prepared with the participation of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission. The report predicts that by 2030, China's dependence on foreign oil will reach 74%. The daily imported oil will increase from 2million barrels per day at that time to 10million barrels per day

in the second week of May 2010, domestic media revealed that China's oil imports hit a new record high, reaching 5.5 million barrels per day. Referring to may a year ago (2009), it was revealed by domestic media that China's oil imports reached 4.05 million barrels per day

the internal combustion engine industry, carrying out research on energy-saving products with international competitiveness, has faced a critical moment from general research to practical application. Wei Anli has repeatedly stressed that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the energy conservation of internal combustion engines will run through from scientific research and development to industrial application, which is an important stage from the previous topic selection research to proposition research

since the beginning of the 21st century, the practical application research and product promotion and application of international advanced companies in the field of internal combustion engine energy conservation have led to another technological leap of low-energy internal combustion engine products in 2025. Low fuel consumption once again boosts the improvement of emission performance of internal combustion engines and technological progress of products

in the field of mobile machinery, which is widely used in human production and life, internal combustion engine is the mobile power with the highest thermal efficiency. Its wide application fields and uses determine its strong vitality

in the long-term development process in the future, internal combustion engine, as the mainstream power device of all kinds of walking machinery and special-purpose fixed machinery, its position is unshakable. At present, the pace of automobile and internal combustion engine research, improvement and development all over the world is still making great strides

green thinking

at a time when energy conservation and new energy vehicles are developing in full swing, Wei Anli has always called on the industry to pay attention to the energy-saving potential of traditional internal combustion engines, emphasizing that at this stage, it is the most feasible way to study the energy-saving and emission reduction technology of traditional internal combustion engines

in fact, it is the same. In 2009, the output value of China's internal combustion engine industry was 273.9 billion yuan, with 350000 employees. The annual output of internal combustion engines was 67million, making China a typical large internal combustion engine production country. The total power provided to the society is 1.13 billion kw. The internal combustion engine industry plays an important role in all aspects of China's economic operation

Wei Anli believes that the internal combustion engine is the main combustion emission source of mobile machinery products in China at present. At the same time, the internal combustion engine is the product with the most potential to implement energy conservation and emission reduction, and the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is the most intuitive

focusing on reducing fuel consumption of internal combustion engines, Wei Anli said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, priority will be given to the development and promotion of the R & D and application of engine fuel consumption reduction technologies. These technologies are optimized advanced combustion technology, high-pressure fuel injection technology, supercharging technology, exhaust post-treatment technology, high filtration technology and control system technology in coordination with the above five parts

for the parts supporting system of internal combustion engines, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, various high sealing technologies, low friction technologies of internal combustion engine moving parts and the wide application of new materials (alternative materials) in internal combustion engines will be vigorously promoted

in order to promote the energy conservation and consumption reduction of internal combustion engines, the development of various alternative fuels is an unavoidable topic. In recent years, the application of various alternative fuels has also been recognized by the market to a certain extent. In this regard, Wei Anli proposed that the development of alternative fuels should first meet three preconditions: first, the national sustainable self-sufficiency of the alternative energy used should be within a stable high proportion; Secondly, the alternative fuels used can continuously promote industrial development and force the technological progress of span center products; Third, using existing means and technologies, the emission of harmful gases after combustion is controllable and better than traditional energy in indicators. Wei Anli believes that the use of alternative fuels should also ensure that the internal combustion engine production and processing system and the supporting chassis should be changed as little as possible, the newly connected (or loaded) control system should be as simple and convenient as possible, and the versatility of alternative fuels and the original energy storage and energy storage methods should be high

in terms of the development idea of the internal combustion engine industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Wei Anli said that after repeated discussion, the development idea of the internal combustion engine industry is not blindly positioned to become bigger and stronger, but positioned to consolidate the foundation of industrial development. Specifically, it includes consolidating the foundation of manufacturing and processing industry; We should lay a solid foundation for enterprises to reserve products for independent research and development, and lay a solid foundation for improving enterprises' scientific research capabilities and improving research and development means

related reports: seven development priorities of internal combustion engines during the 12th Five Year Plan

recently, the China internal combustion engine industry association drafted the seven development priorities during the 12th Five Year Plan period. At present, opinions from all sides are being sought and have not been finalized

I. direct injection combustion technology of spark ignition internal combustion engines

carry out systematic application research on the direct injection technology of gasoline engines and homogeneous combustion technology of diesel engines currently carried out worldwide, and put forward strategies and procedures for fuel injection, supercharging, combustion, post-processing, and collaborative control, so as to solve the technical requirements and technical support for the application in the engineering field

II. Research on modern internal combustion engine control technology

establish the internal combustion engine working process control platform, realize the dialogue between the host and components, realize the dialogue between the whole machine and the supporting chassis, and realize remote fault diagnosis through the control strategy. Adopt electromechanical control means to realize the requirements of modern internal combustion engine for power, economy and environmental protection

III. research on the application of oil supply system of compression ignition internal combustion engine to reduce fuel consumption and emission indicators

the working characteristics of diesel engine oil supply system directly affect the energy consumption and emission of the main engine. The traditional oil supply system can no longer meet the higher requirements required by product development. Starting from the control strategies of injection pressure, injection timing, injection rate, multiple injection, injection law and large flow injection technology, The influence of its technical state under different parameter requirements on reducing fuel consumption and emission indicators is studied, and the recommended supporting application technology scheme is put forward

IV. research on the energy-saving and emission reduction technology of the engine supported by the supercharging system of the internal combustion engine

the supercharging system is the optimal and necessary condition to ensure the full combustion of the internal combustion engine. Whether the fuel combustion is complete or not directly affects the fuel consumption and emissions, puts forward the best matching method between the supercharging system and the engine, adopts the world's most cutting-edge supercharging technology, participates in and integrates into the management of the engine calibration control system, and puts forward the optimal matching and calibration technical route and scheme

v. research on application conditions, scope and effect of internal combustion engine exhaust after treatment system

exhaust after treatment manufacturing industry is an industrial product newly born due to human emission control requirements. According to the requirements of emission regulations at different stages, for different application objects (gasoline, diesel, alternative fuels), different application conditions, application scope, application objectives, application requirements, application effect, their own functions, etc, Research and propose a series of manufacturing technologies, application systems and technical paths

VI. efficient use of alternative energy technology for traditional energy power devices

carry out research on the application of alternative energy on the basis of traditional energy devices. In 2015, the output of electrolytic aluminum in China increased by 10.6% year-on-year to about 31.11 million tons, and carry out feasibility research on it from different perspectives such as application technology, application scope, application adaptability, required applicable materials, emission reduction effect, etc, At the same time, it studies the impact of harmful gases derived from the use of alternative energy on human health and the environment, and evaluates the impact of the use of alternative energy on economy, society, environment, national security and the use prospect, so as to provide a scientific basis for government decision-making

VII. Research on the application ways and effects of new materials in internal combustion engines

in recent years, the application demand of steel pistons, ductile iron with tin instead of molybdenum, and aluminum magnesium alloy materials in internal combustion engine products is on the rise. Research on the application of new materials in internal combustion engines should be carried out in a timely manner to reduce the consumption of rare precious heavy metals in China on the premise of ensuring the stability and improvement of various indicators of power, economy, and environmental protection of internal combustion engine products, Reduce manufacturing costs, meet and adapt to the development needs of the new generation of internal combustion engine products in the future

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