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The Ministry of science and technology and the national development and Reform Commission officially issued the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of seawater desalination technology (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") on the 29th. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, he evaluated the characteristics of the tested materials and oils by driving the reciprocating motion of friction pairs by electromechanical devices. Through the implementation of this special project for five years, China's seawater desalination technology innovation system has initially formed. It is estimated that by 2015, the global desalination market will reach US $billion. The output value of seawater desalination equipment manufacturing in China will reach billion yuan per year

new trends in the development of world seawater desalination technology

the plan points out that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the development of world seawater desalination technology presents a new trend. Membrane method and distillation method will still be the two mainstream processes of seawater desalination for a long time in the future. Increasing the scale of single unit and reducing the desalination cost are their important development directions. New processes and technologies for seawater desalination are booming. The coupling technology of ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane, distillation and reverse osmosis membrane and other processes are increasingly widely used to minimize energy consumption, improve effluent quality and increase system stability; The coupling of seawater desalination process and the comprehensive utilization process of concentrated seawater after desalination has been widely concerned to improve the comprehensive benefits of seawater desalination and reduce the direct discharge of concentrated seawater; The chief scientist and professor of the circular economy and urban mining team of the school of environment, Tsinghua University, who uses new energy such as solar energy and wind energy to desalinate seawater, has developed rapidly, which not only provides desalination conditions for areas lacking traditional energy such as islands, but also provides new ways for the use of such scattered and volatile new energy; In addition, membrane distillation, forward osmosis and other new technologies of seawater desalination are also the research hotspots of scientists all over the world

the plan puts forward specific objectives and assessment indicators

the plan puts forward that we should strengthen the cultivation and expansion of desalination related industries, and effectively improve the core competitiveness of China's desalination industry with science and technology as the starting point, so the cleaning after each application is 10 points; We will actively build seawater desalination demonstration projects to significantly improve the production of China's coastal non-ferrous metal enterprises and the ability to ensure water resources security in areas where the overall production is stable and normal

1. Break through more than 6 core common technologies of seawater desalination with independent intellectual property rights, including seawater intake, pretreatment, process coupling, concentrated seawater discharge, post desalination mineralization, system control and management of seawater desalination projects

2. Develop more than 6 key seawater desalination equipment with independent intellectual property rights, including reverse osmosis seawater membrane elements and membrane pressure vessels, seawater high-pressure pumps and seawater high-pressure circulating booster pumps, energy recovery devices, Seawater Pretreatment membrane filtration devices, low-temperature multi effect seawater evaporators, steam ejectors, etc

3. Build 2-3 large-scale desalination demonstration projects with a daily water output of more than 50000 tons, and the localization rate of key equipment will reach more than 75%

4. Break through a number of new technologies, new materials and new processes to reduce the energy consumption and water production cost of seawater desalination by more than 20% on the existing basis

5. More than 80 patents related to seawater desalination technology have been formed, including more than 30 invention patents; More than 20 technical standards related to seawater desalination; Cultivate a number of innovative talent teams for seawater desalination

6. Establish 2~3 strategic alliances for technological innovation in seawater desalination industry; Cultivate more than 10 internationally competitive desalination core components and equipment manufacturing enterprises, and form a relatively perfect desalination industry chain

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