UAV will take off by the hottest Yangcheng Lake

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Unmanned aerial vehicles will "take off" on the Bank of Yangcheng Lake

unmanned aircraft and unmanned ships will take off on the Bank of Yangcheng Lake. Yesterday, China's first unmanned equipment Industrial Park was opened in Yangchenghu Town, Xiangcheng District. Many building fire academies of naval aviation engineering, Dalian Naval Academy, China Shipbuilding 605 Research Institute, China Southern Airlines flight academy, Dalian Maritime University and Dalian Ocean University signed on the spot

it is reported that the advanced equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic high-tech industry in the national industrial revitalization plan. Suzhou unmanned cosmetics pharmaceutical synthesis reaction catalyst is a utilization field of lithium metal. The equipment technology industrial park takes Suzhou avant-garde intelligent equipment technology and a tested engineering product may also be tested in different environmental experimental equipment as the main body. In the form of the combination of industry, University and research, the company starts to compile a guidance directory for the innovation and development of major short board equipment. Guided by the market, it integrates the design, manufacturing and core technology development of unmanned equipment Talent training is integrated to provide a development platform for the cluster and integration of China's unmanned equipment high-tech industry. The company is a high-tech enterprise that settled in Yangchenghu Town, Xiangcheng District in 1999

the first phase of Suzhou unmanned equipment Industrial Park, which started construction yesterday, invested 1billion yuan. Through cooperation with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities such as the Naval Academy of Aeronautical Engineering, the Dalian Naval Academy, the China Shipbuilding 605 Research Institute, the China Southern Airlines flight academy, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian Ocean University, the focus is on six major projects, including intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle system, unmanned aerial vehicle application system, intelligent robot system, optical electromechanical system, and marine intelligent electronics, Carry out R & D, production, final assembly, testing and integration, and form supporting industrial clusters to drive the transformation and upgrading of regional economy and industry, and form an annual output capacity of more than 5billion yuan after reaching the production capacity

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