The mileage of Shandong Expressway will reach 58 i

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The traffic mileage of Shandong Expressway will reach 5800 kilometers in 2017

the traffic mileage of Shandong Expressway will reach 5800 kilometers in 2017

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on January 18, Shandong provincial transportation work conference was held in Jinan

according to Wang Yujun, Secretary of the Party group and director of the Shandong Provincial Department of transportation, the construction of transportation infrastructure in Shandong Province was vigorously promoted in 2016. Before the full experiment, the friction times required by the experimental specifications or set by the operator were output and controlled piecemeal. In 2016, the fixed asset investment was 78.3 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 21%, a record high, exceeding the annual task target. Among them, 62.94 billion yuan, 10.85 billion yuan and 4.43 billion yuan were invested in the construction of roads, ports and ports, and stations respectively. The total mileage of highways in the province has reached 265800 kilometers, and the highway density has reached 169.6 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. Five projects, including Jinan Dongying, Jining Yutai, Xiajin Liaocheng section of Deshang expressway, the main line of Dezhou Xiajin section and Dezhou Branch line, have been completed and opened to traffic, with an additional 362 kilometers of expressways in the province and a traffic mileage of 5710 kilometers; Seven 730 kilometer expressways, including Zaozhuang Yutai, Yutai Heze, Zaomu Expressway East extension, Jinan Tai'an, Juye Shan county, Ningyang Liangshan, Beijing Shanghai Expressway Laiwu hub to the boundary between Shandong and the Soviet Union, have started construction. Shandong Province has 20 expressway projects under construction, 1962 kilometers, becoming one of the largest provinces in China. The construction achievements of 10 projects, including the 200000 ton Wanbang Ore Wharf in Dongjiakou port area of Qingdao port, have been used in a number of domestic projects, and 20 berths above 10000 tons have been added in coastal ports, with a total capacity of 720 million tons. Hanzhuang of the Beijing Hangzhou canal, the Wannian double track ship lock and the new Wanfu River reopening project started construction, and the preliminary work of the reopening of the Xiaoqing River was officially launched. The plastic extrusion of wire and cable insulation and sheath in 12 passenger stations is based on the deformation characteristics of thermoplastic. There are 1331 passenger stations and 406 freight stations in the province

in 2016, Shandong's highway and waterway transportation completed 508 million passenger trips and 2.648 billion tons of freight, with a year-on-year increase of 3.8% and 9.1% respectively. The throughput of coastal ports reached 1.43 billion tons, ranking second in China, with a year-on-year increase of 6%. Among them, the foreign trade throughput reached 730 million tons and the container throughput reached 25.09 million TEUs, ranking first and third in the country respectively. In particular, the throughput of Qingdao port reached 503 million tons, ranking seventh in the world. The throughput of inland ports reached 63 million tons

for the work in 2017, the main goal of transportation development in Shandong Province is to invest 72.1 billion yuan in the whole social transportation construction plan, including 56.3 billion yuan for highway construction, 11.8 billion yuan for port and waterway construction, and 4 billion yuan for station construction. By the end of 2017, the mileage of highways in Shandong Province had reached 268000 kilometers, including 5800 kilometers of highways. The coastal ports have added 10 berths, with a total capacity of 760 million tons. The passenger and freight volume of roads and waterways reached 430million person times and 2.69 billion tons respectively; The throughput of coastal ports exceeded 1.5 billion tons, and that of inland ports reached 64 million tons

this year, we will continue to fight the battle of transportation construction. Promote the upgrading and acceleration of expressway construction, focus on the construction of East-West South North corridor and inter Provincial Expressway, and comprehensively speed up the progress of 20 1962 kilometer extension projects from Tai'an to dong'a and from dong'a to the border between Shandong and Hebei. The transmission control system of the plastic calender production line is a micro tension speed linkage control system, and strive to build three projects, including the Binhai connecting line of Wei RI expressway, the Dongming Yellow River Bridge and connecting line, and Penglai Qixia, by the end of the year 90 kilometers were completed and opened to traffic. We should strengthen the preliminary work, actively act and start work in advance, comprehensively start the preliminary work of the projects planned in the 13th five year plan, and ensure that the construction of 11 642 km expressways from Laiwu to Tai'an and Dongjiakou to Wulian will start before the end of the year. Further optimize the layout of ordinary trunk lines, continue to strengthen the upgrading and reconstruction of ordinary national and provincial roads, open up dead end roads, unblock congested sections, focus on the implementation of the new reconstruction of more than 1500 kilometers of bottleneck roads and cross city sections, complete the construction of two Yellow River Highway Bridges in Changqing and Jiqi, and improve the overall service function of trunk lines

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