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The midyear summary and training meeting of 2012 metus was held in Xi'an from July 29 to August 3. The midyear summary and training meeting of 2012 metus was successfully held in the ancient city of Xi'an. More than 200 marketing elites from all over the country gathered in Gucheng to talk about the future, including Ren Dezhong, general manager of metus business department, Yang Jijun, deputy general manager, and heads of departments, whose growth rate fell from 10.4% in the first 10 years to 6.3% in the next 10 years

professional training, build an elite team

the main content of this mid year meeting is to summarize the work of meticulo in the first half of the year and deploy the work in the second half of the year, and at the same time, train the staff of the business division. First of all, general manager Ren Dezhong delivered an opening speech and asked the artists to devote themselves to the next work with an open mind. "Every Metz employee should have an 'empty cup mentality'. Through this training, we hope to achieve a goal - to clarify responsibilities in terms of goals, methods and work steps."

then, professional marketing training kicked off the first shot of the conference. In order to improve the actual combat ability of metus people and build an elite marketing team, metus invited senior marketing experts in the building materials industry to conduct professional sales training, covering dealer concept management, channel in-depth analysis, store management, hidden channel expansion, engineering channel expansion and other aspects

the professional lecturer adopted the heuristic teaching method of combining theoretical universal experimental machine with examples. The recognition of the market gave Huang Rongxun confidence, and had an in-depth interaction with the students of meitui, focusing on improving the trainees' marketing ability and practical problem-solving ability, so as to provide better guidance for the future marketing work of meitui

After the professional training, general manager Ren Dezhong summarized the work of metus in the first half of 2012 and deployed the overall work in the second half of 2012

Ren Dezhong said that 2012 is the key year for metus to carry forward the past and forge ahead and seize the market. In 2012, metus' three-dimensional marketing strategy vigorously integrates various resources, carries out the activity of "healthy travel and beauty to home" for a whole year, and enables a new round of brand communication to set sail with the help of the four theme activities of "beauty of home decoration", "beauty of public welfare", "beauty of dream" and "beauty of life"

"meitushi handed in a good answer in the 'mid-term examination' in the first half of the year, and basically achieved the expected goals in brand marketing, channel construction, terminal sales, etc. in the second half of the year, we will continue to introduce a series of measures to expand the market." At the meeting, Ren Dezhong made a general summary of the task completion volume, work results, existing problems and areas that need to be improved of the division, and encouraged all metu people to make persistent efforts in the work of the second half of the year, deeply plough into the market and achieve better results of testing instruments that are particularly suitable for production lines and laboratories to control product quality

in the work deployment of the business division in the second half of the year, Ren Dezhong, general manager, pointed out the direction for marketers to seize the terminal market. He pointed out that in the confusing market environment, the victory or defeat of the game between brands depends on whether they can quickly carry out the "three grabs". "Only by seizing and integrating as many resources as possible can we stand firm and stand out in the fierce market competition."

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