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Procurement project of instruments and meters for Radar Control Engineering (Central South Section) of main routes in eastern and western regions

bidding No.: a20n0343

date: August 22, 2011

1 Guoyi Tendering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "bidding agency") is entrusted by the Central South air traffic administration of civil aviation of China (hereinafter referred to as the "tenderee") to invite qualified bidders to submit sealed bids for the goods and related services listed in the following table:

instruments for Radar Control Engineering (Central South Section) of main routes in eastern and western regions For detailed technical specifications of instrument and related services, please refer to the user requirements and technical specifications in the bidding documents. The bidder must quote the bid price for all contents of the project. If there is any omission, the bid will be invalid

2. Qualified bidder:

1) the bidder must be an independent enterprise legal person registered in the people's Republic of China with the ability to perform the project. 4. It is an independent enterprise legal person to extend the battery life, and the registered capital is not less than 400000 yuan. The name of the bidder shall be consistent with the name on the bidding registration form of the bidding agency

2) for the equipment of "digital oscilloscope, digital frequency meter, peak power meter, spectrum analyzer and comprehensive tester", when the non manufacturer bids, it must provide the valid Letter of authorization of the equipment manufacturer

3) the bidder has not been disqualified from bidding by the government or the owner due to corruption or fraud within three years before the deadline for bidding. (a letter of commitment must be provided for this content and stamped with the official seal of the bidder)

4) consortium bidding is not allowed for this project

3. Interested bidders can bring their registration materials from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Beijing time) every day from August 25th, 2011 to August 26th, 2011 (except holidays) in Tianrun, Guangzhou. They are suggested to pay attention to the thematic investment opportunities brought by the related listed companies with new material technology and the gradual promotion of the industrialization of new materials. The registration window on the first floor of Guangzhou Construction Engineering Trading Center, No. 333 Road, can register their bids, The registration materials are as follows:

1) the original application form for bid registration of Guangzhou construction project must be submitted when signing up (log in to Guangzhou construction project trading center station: download, fill in and affix the official seal)

2) the bidder shall have a valid IC card of Guangzhou construction project trading center

4. The deadline for submission of bid documents and the time for bid opening will be notified by the bidding agency in writing by fax to all bidders who have signed up and purchased the bidding documents after the registration time of the project

5. The bid document must be attached with a bid security of 50000 yuan and valid for 90 calendar days. The bid security must be delivered to the bidding agency on or before the bid closing time (Beijing time). The use of the deposit will be implemented in accordance with Article 19 of Chapter II

6. The bidding agency will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by bidders in preparing and submitting bids

7. Regarding the reduction of employees from 130000 to 80000, this public bidding, You can inquire the bidding unit at the following address:

bidding agency:

Guoyi bidding Co., Ltd. tenderee:

air traffic administration of Central South China of civil aviation of China

address: No. 726 East Dongfeng Road, Guangzhou address: No. 3 East Nanyun street, Airport Road, Guangzhou


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Contact: Li Qiuming contact: Wang Gong

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