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The method and precautions of making a large version as a folding hand (Part 1)

after the prepress production is basically completed, it is necessary to form a single page into a large version with a certain law, and then output the film or directly output it. Adjust the screw printing plate with a wrench. The correct large version can not only shorten the production cycle, effectively improve the work efficiency, reasonably control the use of materials, and reduce the production cost, but also an important guarantee for the quality of printed products

the main methods and basis of making a folding hand by making a large version

usually before making a large version, you need to make the corresponding folding hand according to the requirements of the finished product size, printing format size, printing color, printing paper, binding method of the specific print, as well as the post press processes such as film covering, case sticking, cutting and so on

with the impact of industry integration and the new demand for supply and demand rebalancing, the correct folding of hands is the basis for the large version assembly operation, and it is also an important reference for the pre inspection of the product printing and packaging status. The main contents that should be displayed and marked on the folding hand are:

(1) accurately mark the final product size of the product, including the opening of the printing sheet; (2) Correctly mark the page number, every secret code page, and use brief words to mark the main contents of the page, such as title page, table of contents, preface, postscript, copyright page, etc; (3) Correctly mark the mouth edge of the printing. When there are many printing sheets, the version number, front back relationship and folding label should be made; (4) For folding products, the position of folding line should be marked according to different folding methods, and the cutting line should be marked for products that cut small finished products; (5) Indicate the hue of the page (such as four colors, single black or spot color, multi-color)

how to fold your hands:

1 First prepare some A4 or A5 size tissue paper, or use the leftover materials (width not less than 10cm) of the tissue paper in the printing plant to cut it into rectangles, which should be loosened for folding

2. According to the total page number and size of the product, determine the total number of printed pages of the product, and leave the corresponding folding paper

3. According to different binding methods, determine the folding method of folding hands, make corresponding folding hands, and fold the required number of sheets one by one. According to different folding methods, there are three folding methods

(1) vertical crossing: also known as turning. Put the paper flat and fold it in half (as shown in Figure 1), then turn it clockwise by a right angle and then fold it in half (as shown in Figure 2), and turn it in turn to get three fold hands and four fold hands (note that the number of folds during folding cannot exceed 4). This is the most commonly used folding method, which is characterized by convenient processing of book folding, gluing cover pages, matching pages, locking, etc. there is a certain rule between the number of folds and the number of pages and editions, which is easy to master, and it is also convenient for folding operation of folding knife folding machine

(2) parallel folding: also known as roll folding, it is suitable for scattered single page, abnormal opening, sleeve opening and other pages. When making the development folding of carbon fiber composites, which has a promising future in front-end Mai carbon support, the printing format should be determined according to the finished product size, and it can be divided into double fold, roll fold and turn over fold

① double folding: put the paper flat and fold it in half, and then fold it in parallel once (as shown in Figure 3)

② roll fold: also known as wrapping fold. The page number of the first fold is clamped in the middle, and then the second fold or the third fold, no more than three folds at most (as shown in Figure 4)

③ turn over fold: also known as fan fold or accordion fold. After the first fold is completed, fold the second fold in the opposite direction, and fold back and forth in turn to make the front fold seam parallel to the rear fold seam (as shown in Figure 5)

(3) mixed folding: when folding the same book, both parallel folding and vertical cross folding are adopted. This folding method is mostly used for 6-page, 9-Page, double folding and other book stickers, and is suitable for folding operation of fence folding machine

① folding method of three fold six page book post: put the paper flat, fold it twice according to the roll folding method, and then turn it clockwise at a right angle and fold it in half (as shown in Figure 6)

② double fold method: the upper and lower pages are connected into one post, that is, there are two groups of the same page number, which is called double fold. Double binding can make the binding operation get twice the result with half the effort. The folding method is shown in Figure 7. Put the paper flat, fold it in half, turn it clockwise by a right angle

and then fold it in half, and then fold it in half

4. Simulate the binding method, put the folded pages correctly in order, and mark the pages in turn

5. Correctly mark the version number, the name of the live part, the printing mouth, etc. Generally, for manual folding paper, the side facing the chest is its mouth, and the side facing up is the reverse version

6. Add fold marks on the spine of the book. In order to facilitate the inspection and discovery of page matching errors, the fold marks of each book post form a ladder shape in turn, and the fold mark size is generally 3mm 4mm

so far, the folding of a batch of products has been basically completed

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