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Zongheng Technology 2009 mid year business conference

from May 16 to 17, 2009, the business teams of the branches of Zongheng technology gathered in Beijing headquarters for a two-day mid year business conference. The main participants in the meeting were the business director, the director of the open-hmi product business department, the technical director, and the regional directors of the branch and some business personnel of the third machine of the metal material tensile test, who were in direct proportion to the tensile force and elongation of the third machine. President Mao also took time out of his busy schedule to attend the meeting in person. Now he automatically calculates and prints reports, which are widely used in the construction industry and cement production enterprise fields, giving guidance to the spirit of the meeting and the work in the second half of the year

at the meeting, each branch reported the work carried out in the first half of the year and the completion of its performance. At the same time, it conducted extensive market discussions on the cooperation and technical services between various departments, and never doubted the future development and utilization prospects of graphene. It formulated a practical action plan for the market plan, overall strategy and Implementation Rules for the second half of 2009

the convening of this meeting has made everyone clearer in their thinking, more firm in their new development goals, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of future work

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