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Washington [US], January 13 (ANI): As relations between the United States and China continue to worsenthat require close contact are only permitted for a single cohort of 100 people per day., Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants “a very different theory” of international relations that’s controlled in a way that won’t create security, freedom and prosperityFestivals and other outdoor events.

Pompeo, in an interview with Hugh Hewitt of The Hugh Hewitt Show, said that all Washington asks is that the CCP fulfills the promises that “it has made to not only the United States but to the world for all these years.””I think the world, and that includes the American people, will continue to demand that the United States secure freedoms for them, and that includes pushing back against the challenge of our time. That is the challenge of the Chinese Communist Party and its capacity and intention to expand its influence and ultimately deliver a world that is very different, one not governed by the rule of law, by respect for sovereignty, all the things that the world has come to know in the post-World War II environment,” he said in the interview as quoted by the transcript provided by the Department of State.

“The Chinese Communist Party wants to upend with a very different theory of international relations, one dominated by the East, one controlled in a way that won’t create more security, freedom, more prosperity,” Pompeo addedCommences two to four weeks after Phase Two when 65 per cent o.

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When asked about whether President-elect Joe Biden would stand up to the CCPThe number was less than five per cent. More than 11.3 million doses have now been administered., the top US diplomat said that he was confident that the American people including Biden would make sure that America remains the country it has for the last 240-plus years.

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